Allentown Rescue Mission Video

We recently had the opportunity to create the 2018 Gala video for the Allentown Rescue Mission. This project meant so much to us for many reasons. 

Christian works part-time for the mission and has a heart for serving the homeless men of the community. From concept to filming and editing, we put every effort to make sure this video conveyed the message of hope and restoration. Please watch/share this video. 

For information on how to help or donate to the Allentown Rescue Mission's efforts to feed, restore and shelter the homeless men, visit this link:

I want to thank my Lord and savior for opening the doors in my life to work at a Men’s shelter. Words do not express how grateful I am for the Allentown Rescue Mission and how I can’t help but love each and every man that walks through our doors. These men are full of impactful, real and amazing stories that you sometimes wonder how they have had made it up to this point in their lives, but God is in the details of them. I want to thank these men because as they come to us for help in return they are helping us learn how Christ first loved us and continues to. That is the love we offer at the Allentown Rescue Mission.

If you’re in need of help and are homeless please do not hesitate to call 610-740-5500 ext: 313 we are there 24/7. Trust me you won’t regret seeking help because God can’t and won’t let you down. And if you feel in your heart to donate to this place please do so, it’s so worth it!
— Christian Lopez, Co-Owner of Prevailed Studios

Acoustic Pursuit | "Forever Young" Music Video & Release Party

This summer has already been filled with so many exciting projects, but so far this one tops them all. We finally got to shoot the music video for Forever Young, Acoustic Pursuit's first original song. After weeks of storyboarding and brainstorming, contacting actors, shopping for props and scouting locations... Christian and the crew; Brianna, Dave, Kristen, Clay and Zach spent two days filming. 

We started at the Lehigh University Library where we began the story of the young couple meeting for the first time. It was such an awesome location! The rows and rows of books and the architecture gave it so much character. After that we went off to Cedar Beach Park in Allentown to film where the couple had their first date. This park is actually one of our favorite places to take engagement photos. It's filled with weeping willows and a pretty creek. Such a sweet and intimate spot. Our last location was the Spot ice cream stand in Bethlehem, here the couple had their first kiss. Once we had the main scenes at the main locations filmed, we filmed a few shots of Mary and Alex in their home to tie together the beginning and the end of the story with the older couple. Then we also did some driving shots with the Hornet down some back roads in Bethlehem. We got to use our new drone too! It was so much fun!

Although there was soooo much planning that went into this, and it was a lot of work behind the scenes... Prevailed Studios is excited to work on more music video productions like this in the future. We just love to tell stories. We really are so thankful to all of those who contributed to this project. Best of luck to Acoustic Pursuit! This is just the beginning for them. Be sure to follow them on social media, subscribe to their Youtube channel, and purchase their song on iTunes! Check out some behind the scenes photos below.

Filming the "Forever Young" Music Video

Allie & Nick, played the younger couple in the story. They really nailed the 70s look!

Kristen capturing the album cover shot!

Dave, Brianna, and Christian goofin' around on set during the scene in the library.

Clay & Kristen filming at Cedar Beach Park.

Mary & Alex, the older couple in the story, posing for a quick picture next to the 1973 AMC Hornet on set of the video shoot.

Filming the final band scene for the video! 

July 3, 2017 - The Acoustic Pursuit Release Event

After the video was complete, and we spent weeks editing, color correcting, and making final cuts, the video was ready to be released! However... we couldn't just put it on Youtube! So Acoustic Pursuit hosted a release party here in Bethlehem where fans, friends, and family could get an exclusive first look at their new music video. Well the turn out was overwhelming! Prevailed Studios designed some merchandise to be sold at the event too! People loved it! Acoustic Pursuit even played an short setlist featuring some of their new original music.

Some custom t-shirts we designed for Acoustic Pursuit. The design features all the lyrics to "Forever Young".

We also designed two different stickers to sell at the event. A basic logo sticker and one vintage design featuring the Hornet.

We also designed two different stickers to sell at the event. A basic logo sticker and one vintage design featuring the Hornet.

Well... here it is!
Check out the final music video created by Prevailed Studios!

Acoustic Pursuit - Forever Young (Original Music Video)