Acoustic Pursuit | Band Photo Shoot

Acoustic Pursuit has been long overdue for some new promo photos. So as the wife of the lead singer, I'm sort of obligated to take their photos. Haha! I wouldn't have it any other way though. I love these guys so much! Check out some of our favorites! Also, be sure to check out their latest youtube video here:

Vocals, Brianna

My Headshots-6.jpg

Guitar & Vocals, Christian

Bass Guitar, Dave

Porter & Sayles | "Tiny Desk" Contest Music Video

So Christian and Regina, of Porter & Sayles reached out to us for some assistance with a music video. These two are such a talented duo and work so great together, musically and vocally. We love when they come to us with ideas and we are able to bring them to life. Tiny Desk brings in all varieties of artist to sing live in their office space in front of an audience. If they win they will be featured on the Tiny Desk website and Youtube and put them on a tour sponsored by Lagunitas. Check them out on social media to stay posted. We are hoping they win! Click here to give them a chance to win!