Kristen's new adventure at Folino Estate!

Hey guys! Kristen here! So just wanted to give you all an update. It's been soooo busy that I haven't really had a chance to update you on my latest career adventure. Some of you may know that I was working as a Graphic Designer at Lafayette College for about five years. However, as of February I stepped down from my full-time, benefits included, paid vacation, unlimited sick days job at Lafayette. I know, I know. Why would I do that?! That's probably what you're thinking. But when God says it's time to move on... you just do it.

We rebranded and officially launched Prevailed Studios and Dearly Beloved Weddings in January of this year. Let me tell you that we've been so overwhelmingly blessed since day one. We were getting so many wedding and creative project inquires in a matter of weeks, that working full-time was actually holding us back! Christian and I took a HUGE leap of faith and I quit. 

One door closed and another opened. I knew I still wanted to work as a designer, but had no idea where to begin my new part-time job search. That's when I reached out to Folino Estate. Folino Estate is a vineyard, winery, restaurant and event venue. When you walk into this place it literally feels like you're in Italy! Christian and I had been to this place before and were so amazed at how such a beautiful place is in the small quiet town of Kutztown, Pennsylvania. So anyway, a while back I remember seeing that they were looking for a part-time Graphic Designer. I figured the position was filled by now, but what the heck... I reached out anyway. Sure enough they were still looking for the right fit for the position! 

Well, long story short I got the job part-time! It's been an incredible transition and a great place to work so far. I'm so grateful to the owners of Folino Estate for giving me a chance to work for them and also balance our time for our own business adventures too. With my new flexible schedule, I'm able to continue my creative career and also give time to the businesses and the future I'm building with my husband. There's nothing like working for someone that is encouraging and understands what it means to be a business owner and an entrepreneur. I'm excited to learn new things and become a vital part of the Folino Estate team.

Here is just a taste of some of the graphic work I've done since I've been at Folino Estate. Did I mention I get to photograph delicious food from their restaurant too! You can see some of the food photography here

Be sure to visit them and check out their website to learn more about upcoming events. You won't regret it!

Thanks for reading,
Kristen Lopez