Monroe Career & Technical Institute | Promotional Video

A few months ago Monroe Career & Technical Institute reached out to us with interest in creating a promotional video. We were so excited to work on this project for them, because my wife Kristen is actually an MCTI alumni. Career and technical training during high school is such an amazing opportunity. Unfortunately often times students don't really understand it or just don't think it's going to be fun. Some students even think it'll poorly affect their college applications. My wife can tell you that is wrong. 

"Going to MCTI during high school was one of the best decisions I could've made. I learned real life skills and better honed my abilities as a graphic designer. It even gave me an advantage going into college. I was always ahead of the class because a lot of the stuff that we were learning in college I had already learned at MCTI. I graduated with certifications in my field, an internship lined up with a partnering company and almost $9000 in scholarship money to use at multiple schools. I'm forever grateful for my experience as an MCTI student. I can't stress enough how important career and technical training is. Wish more high school students understood it's value."

-Kristen Lopez
  Graphic Communications Program Graduate
  Monroe Career & Technical Institute, Class of 2010

The goal for this video was to create something that would increase interest in career and technical training as well as help recruit more students for the programs at MCTI. We wanted to really show students what they can do at MCTI. So after a few meetings with the school administration we came up with a game plan. We found this project in two days, created a script, professionally recorded voiceovers, and also created an intro graphic for the video. It was so much fun to work with the students and staff at MCTI! We were amazed at the real-world projects the students get be a part of. We are so happy with how this video turned out and the MCTI administration was also thrilled with the final product. Check out the video below and be sure to visit for more information.