Ashton | Singer, Worship Leader, and Musician

Worship leader, Ashton Davis came up to visit Christian and I in the studio this past weekend. Music and worship is her passion. Ashton is working on getting her social media presence up and running again, so we recorded a song and took some new headshots for her. We've known Ashton since she was about 8 years old, so it's been so awesome watching her grow up and turn into this awesome and unique musician. Her parents were actually our youth pastors when we were in high school! Crazy right?! 

Ashton came over and and we put her right in the recording booth. Christian and Ashton worked together on creating a worship mashup. And let me just say... it's sounding amazing so far! Ashton has a really mellow, indie kind of voice. Think of a cross between the singers Daya, Birdy and Kina Grannis. So stay tuned for that final audio track and maybe even a music video! We're so excited to see what God has in store for such a beautiful girl with a beautiful gift.  For now, here are some of our favorites from her photo session in the studio. 


Kingsway Church: Revo Worship | Logo & Shirt Design

Ashton, a worship leader from Kingsway Church reached out to us for some help with a shirt design. She had a vision for the design, but needed our expertise to bring it to life. With help from her original idea we created a few concepts for this design project. Here are the final options. We're pretty happy with how these turned out. They have a really cool vintage and hipster kind of look... which is right up our alley!