Lindsay + Layton: Breastfeeding Milk Bath Session

Linsday approached me a few weeks ago with the idea of doing a milk bath session with her little baby boy, Layton. I was so excited because I've been wanting to do one for awhile now. Lindsay is a mother of two and has always been an advocate for breastfeeding and the bond that it creates between mother and child. I think these images capture that bond so perfectly. This was so much fun and truly a beautiful moment to photograph. Often times, especially lately, public breastfeeding has been painted in a negative light or is frowned upon. I think that through this photo session people can see that it is just a natural and beautiful way for a mother to care for and connect with her child. So with that being said... normalize breastfeeding! Here are some of my favorite images from the session. Special thanks to M.U.A. Brianna Storm of Beauty By Storm for doing an amazing job on Lindsay's makeup! 

Until next time,
Kristen Lopez

Folino Estate Scent Line | Package Design

The owners of Folino Estate are always thinking of new and creative ways to bring customers to their unique gift shop. This was the latest product launch; a Folino Estate wine-inspired scent line. There is hand soap, body lotion, bar soap, bath bombs, and body spray in various wine scents like Riesling, Bordeaux, and Sangria. I was so excited to work on this project and create the package design for the entire line. Check out the individual labels below do see the designs in more detail! Be sure to visit Folino Estate in Kutztown, Pa for a day filled with good wine, delicious food and unique gifts. I can't wait to work on more awesome project like this in the future! Stay tuned! -Kristen

Zoee | One Year Old

Got to meet this little princess today! One year old sessions are so fun, especially with happy babies like Zoee!
Here are some of my favorites from her session in the studio today.

Meet Jollette! | South Side Bethlehem Street Photos

Appreciation post! Meet the talented, Jollette. She is not only a good friend of ours, but our official second shooter for Dearly Beloved Weddings. We're so grateful for who she is; a beautiful person inside and out!

So, Jollette and I (Kristen) spent the other night shooting in South Side Bethlehem and exploring different locations. It was so much fun! It's always important to surround yourself with like-minded and creative people. Jollette took some photos of me and I took some photos of here. I think it also made us feel really confident too. We didn't care about how we looked we just shot! Her awesome son, Jowell tagged along and even helped us out. He always wanted to see mommy at work! So be on the lookout because you'll be seeing more of Jollette. Also, check out her website here and follow her on instagram.

Here are some of my favorite images I captured of Jollette! Tell me she's not giving off some Selena vibes?! 

Courtney Hillegass | Real Estate Agent Headshots

Looking for professional head shots!? Contact us to setup a shoot.

We offer mini sessions in our studio in Allentown for just $95. This type of session is great for working professionals that want to present themselves with a great photo. Check out a few of our favorites from Real Estate Agent, Courtney Hillegass' session in our studio last week. Also, if you're looking to buy or sell your home... Courtney is your girl. Find out more info on Courtney, and Castle Gate Realty here.

Poster Designs | latest work at Folino Estate...

Hi! Kristen here! One of the best aspects of working at Folino Estate Vineyard & Winery is that they host the coolest events. For a good chunk of my design career I actually got really sick of designing posters, but I think I know why. I never got to be really creative and most of the "posters" consisted of what felt like a chapter book worth of copy. This made it really hard to create something visually appealing. Now I get to come up with creative and unique poster designs and Facebook cover graphics for each event. It's a lot of fun! It really is awesome being able to work in an environment where you're doing something different everyday. The combination of graphic design, photography, and web design keep my skills sharp. I already see myself growing and improving as an artist in so many ways. I'm so grateful for that! I've got to keep those creative juices flowing! Check out some posters I recently designed below:

Acoustic Pursuit | "Forever Young" Music Video & Release Party

This summer has already been filled with so many exciting projects, but so far this one tops them all. We finally got to shoot the music video for Forever Young, Acoustic Pursuit's first original song. After weeks of storyboarding and brainstorming, contacting actors, shopping for props and scouting locations... Christian and the crew; Brianna, Dave, Kristen, Clay and Zach spent two days filming. 

We started at the Lehigh University Library where we began the story of the young couple meeting for the first time. It was such an awesome location! The rows and rows of books and the architecture gave it so much character. After that we went off to Cedar Beach Park in Allentown to film where the couple had their first date. This park is actually one of our favorite places to take engagement photos. It's filled with weeping willows and a pretty creek. Such a sweet and intimate spot. Our last location was the Spot ice cream stand in Bethlehem, here the couple had their first kiss. Once we had the main scenes at the main locations filmed, we filmed a few shots of Mary and Alex in their home to tie together the beginning and the end of the story with the older couple. Then we also did some driving shots with the Hornet down some back roads in Bethlehem. We got to use our new drone too! It was so much fun!

Although there was soooo much planning that went into this, and it was a lot of work behind the scenes... Prevailed Studios is excited to work on more music video productions like this in the future. We just love to tell stories. We really are so thankful to all of those who contributed to this project. Best of luck to Acoustic Pursuit! This is just the beginning for them. Be sure to follow them on social media, subscribe to their Youtube channel, and purchase their song on iTunes! Check out some behind the scenes photos below.

Filming the "Forever Young" Music Video

Allie & Nick, played the younger couple in the story. They really nailed the 70s look!

Kristen capturing the album cover shot!

Dave, Brianna, and Christian goofin' around on set during the scene in the library.

Clay & Kristen filming at Cedar Beach Park.

Mary & Alex, the older couple in the story, posing for a quick picture next to the 1973 AMC Hornet on set of the video shoot.

Filming the final band scene for the video! 

July 3, 2017 - The Acoustic Pursuit Release Event

After the video was complete, and we spent weeks editing, color correcting, and making final cuts, the video was ready to be released! However... we couldn't just put it on Youtube! So Acoustic Pursuit hosted a release party here in Bethlehem where fans, friends, and family could get an exclusive first look at their new music video. Well the turn out was overwhelming! Prevailed Studios designed some merchandise to be sold at the event too! People loved it! Acoustic Pursuit even played an short setlist featuring some of their new original music.

Some custom t-shirts we designed for Acoustic Pursuit. The design features all the lyrics to "Forever Young".

We also designed two different stickers to sell at the event. A basic logo sticker and one vintage design featuring the Hornet.

We also designed two different stickers to sell at the event. A basic logo sticker and one vintage design featuring the Hornet.

Well... here it is!
Check out the final music video created by Prevailed Studios!

Acoustic Pursuit - Forever Young (Original Music Video)

Hope Hill Lavender Farm | Maternity Session

Where to begin with this beautiful family... The Folinos are an amazing family. Marco and Andrea are expecting their second son this August. Lorenzo is so excited to become a big brother, you can just tell! So Andrea asked me to photograph this special moment in their lives. She had this special vision in mind for her maternity shoot and wanted to visit Hope Hill Lavender Farm in Pottsville, PA. This place was so gorgeous!

We had imagined taking photos around golden hour, but when I arrived to the shoot the clouds were blocking the sunlight. Right away Andrea and I thought... "Ughhhh. There's goes that idea." But about 10 minutes into the shoot the sun broke through the clouds and we were so glad it did. This photo session could not have gone any better! Andrea looked stunning and the love for her husband and family really shows in these photos. Big thank you to the owners/farmers at Hope Hill for being so accommodating. We will definitely be back in the future! Also, I can't forget how sweet and gentle the little donkeys were. I enjoyed photographing them as well. Here are some of my favorites from Andrea's maternity session. Christian and I are so blessed to be able to capture these moments for a living. <3

Monroe Career & Technical Institute | Promotional Video

A few months ago Monroe Career & Technical Institute reached out to us with interest in creating a promotional video. We were so excited to work on this project for them, because my wife Kristen is actually an MCTI alumni. Career and technical training during high school is such an amazing opportunity. Unfortunately often times students don't really understand it or just don't think it's going to be fun. Some students even think it'll poorly affect their college applications. My wife can tell you that is wrong. 

"Going to MCTI during high school was one of the best decisions I could've made. I learned real life skills and better honed my abilities as a graphic designer. It even gave me an advantage going into college. I was always ahead of the class because a lot of the stuff that we were learning in college I had already learned at MCTI. I graduated with certifications in my field, an internship lined up with a partnering company and almost $9000 in scholarship money to use at multiple schools. I'm forever grateful for my experience as an MCTI student. I can't stress enough how important career and technical training is. Wish more high school students understood it's value."

-Kristen Lopez
  Graphic Communications Program Graduate
  Monroe Career & Technical Institute, Class of 2010

The goal for this video was to create something that would increase interest in career and technical training as well as help recruit more students for the programs at MCTI. We wanted to really show students what they can do at MCTI. So after a few meetings with the school administration we came up with a game plan. We found this project in two days, created a script, professionally recorded voiceovers, and also created an intro graphic for the video. It was so much fun to work with the students and staff at MCTI! We were amazed at the real-world projects the students get be a part of. We are so happy with how this video turned out and the MCTI administration was also thrilled with the final product. Check out the video below and be sure to visit for more information.

Alessio | Newborn Session

Welcome to the world baby Alessio! Congratulations to Jackie and Stefano on their beautiful baby boy. I was so excited when Jackie reached out to me and asked me to photograph Alessio. I typically do newborn sessions in our studio, but I always jump on the opportunity to do in-home sessions. There's something so much more intimate and beautiful about taking photos with your child in your home. This little guy is such a cutie! Look a that smile! <3 Daddy had to work, but we got some great moments with Mommy and her little boy. Here are some of my favorite images from the session. 

"Downtown Lights" Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago we got to photograph model Jeremiah Kallatch. He has been one of our go to models for a few years now and is always open to our random creative ideas. Before the shoot Jeremiah and I were going back-and-forth on some ideas of when and where we wanted to shoot. In the past we've done woodsy shoots, smoke bombs and sports cars. We wanted to come up with something that was a totally different look and feel. So, we drove downtown and captured some nighttime street shots. This really challenged our capability of shooting and lowlight environments. 

I have to say I'm pretty stoked with how these turned out. The combination of the soft lights and graininess is really the look I was going for. Did I mention how much I love my Nikon D750?! Low light photography is a breeze with that camera. I also used an 85 mm lens, another one of my favorites. This same day Christian just got his DJI Ronin in the mail, so of course he quickly put it together and also created a video to go along with this photo shoot. Now keep in mind video productions take a lot longer to edit, so that will be coming soon. In the meantime, check out some of our favorite shots below. Click the thumbnails to browse through all the images.

By the way... if you haven't signed up for our model list, you can do so here:

Folino Estate Olive Oils + Vinegars | Package Design

Folino Estate Vineyard & Winery is located in Kutztown PA. They have a gift shop located in their Tasting Room where you can purchase wine and other unique gifts. We had the opportunity to create the packaging design and photography for their newly launched oils and vinegars. Check out the images below! Visit
to make a reservation in their restaurant and tasting room.

The Many Looks of Little Miss Summer | Newborn Session

This newborn little girl, Summer came by the studio last week with her mommy and daddy. Christian and I got to photograph her for the first time. We loved posing her in all these different outfits. Isn't she adorable?! Here are some of our favorites from Summer's newborn session.

Noah + Family | Studio Session

How cute is he?! Noah's mommy reached out to me and wanted to capture some moments of little Noah. He's at such a fun stage. He loves to play with his toes and crawl around. This was such a fun photo shoot! 

I really enjoyed spending time with this little guy and his family. We got some really sweet moments of the family and Noah's big brother Krishna. Here are some favorites from their session in our studio. Enjoy!

Jeremy, Taylor + Aubree | Family Session

"Peace is the beauty of life. It is sunshine. It is the smile of a child, the love of a mother, the joy of a father, the togetherness of a family. The most important thing in the world is family and love."

It is always a pleasure spending time photographing this family. Usually, Aubree is the only one getting photographed, but this time mommy and daddy thought it was time to get some photos all together.
Here are some of my favorites from their session the other night. So much love!

Congrats to the 2017 Lehigh Carbon Community College Grads!

We had the pleasure of working with Lehigh Carbon Community College to come up with the concept of the, "Started Here | Going to..." campaign. Students held up a sign that we designed and wrote in the white space what their next step in their journey of life was—whether it was going to a 4-year college or going to Italy! We had a blast photographing these students and then putting together a photo slide show. The photos and video were displayedJumbo-Tron during the graduation ceremony at the PPL Center in Allentown, PA. Check out the video we created and some of the images below! Congratulations to the Class of 2017! #LCCCGrad17 


"A Field of Gold" Photo Shoot

“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.”

I found a photo of this golden field online and I knew I had to shoot here. So I immediately texted my good friend Brianna and said, "This field is amazing! Can you come down and shoot this week?!" We quickly brainstormed the look of the entire shoot; the hair, makeup and the outfit. It came together so perfectly! Brianna hopped in my car and I was so excited to get there, you'd think I was a kid headed to Disneyland. On the way there we drove passed a few plowed fields, we thought we missed it. Then all of a sudden we pull up to a sea of gold canola flowers. I mean the photos don't even do it justice. When we saw it we both screamed at the same time. It was an incredible sight to see.

These are the kind of photo shoots that give me life and remind me of my passion for beautiful imagery. Here are some of my favorites. By the way, thanks so much Brianna. You've truly become such a great friend of mine. Thanks for always supporting me and going along with my random and sometimes crazy ideas. <3

Oh and one more thing... follow @beauty.bystorm on Instagram and Facebook! Brianna's makeup was on point!

-Kristen :)

Our first Photography workshop was a success!

Teaching has always been a passion for Christian and I. We knew right away when we started Prevailed Studios that we wanted to someday host a photography workshop to teach people the basics of photography and how to begin using their camera. Well, our first photography workshop took place last weekend and it was a hit! 

We created workbooks and taught everyone about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, composition and photo gear! Participants even got to work with a model, Kierrah to put their skills to the test at the end of the workshop. Christian and I felt like proud parents that day! Haha! It was so awesome to see that they actually learned something from our workshop. These ladies each have their own unique style of shooting and it's pretty stinkin' cool! Check out some behind the scenes shots and photos taken by some of our participants.

Thank you so much to Patti, Alex, Khadijah, Jollette and Kierrah! We're so glad you came!

-Kristen & Christian Lopez


The whole gang! We had so much fun with you guys!

Jollette practicing her skills with our model. 

Christian showing our model how to pose! 

Silly faces!

Some photos from our participants! Nice work!

Patti Cameli

Khadijah Castle

Jollette Merino

Alex Bitzer

If you missed this one... 
Our next workshop will take place in July!
Stay tuned for more details!

Brycen | One Year Old!

Brycen came by the studio with his mommy and daddy the other day to take his 1st birthday photos. This little guy is just the cutest ever! We went with a nautical theme for his shoot. I really had a tough time narrowing down the photos from this session because there are just so many I love. Here are just some of our favorites from this 1st birthday session. :)